Hi, I’m Leslie.

Hey Lady Hey!  Are you looking for a community of curvy sew sisters? Good, because you’ve just found it!


So, I created this community just for you!  If you:

  • want to learn to sew for your curves.
  • need someone to slow down and really teach you how to sew.
  • you need someone to show you what to do thru baby steps.
  • need real support and quick answers, daily.
  • and for my local Houstonians, you like to hang out and “sewcialize” with ladies that have the same love for sewing.

This is a really cool, supportive community for creative sew sisters, informed fashionistas, and outfit slayers.

If you seriously want to learn sew AND fearlessly style your outfits with your own great accessory finds, then you will feel right at home with us.  Welcome! Sit at our table.

You will get sewing lessons, money-saving advice, fit and proportion advice, and encouragement from supportive women and men, especially me.


You will see posts that deliver information in a series format, lots of Beginner sewing tips, posts that get your entire sewing life together with time-management and planning (we are all so busy), responses to our special frustrations (because I feel you), and pattern modification tips. I hang out a lot on Facebook.  You can find me teaching here, in my group. 

The Sewcial Place was started after I had taught a few friends how to sew.  Before, they would always ask me to make them clothes, curtains, do mending, and y’all, I got tired.

LOL! So, I said ENOUGH, gave them a list of sewing supplies, and classes began for them.  THEN, some years later, my job with our local school district announced that we should expect major cut-backs at the admin level, which included my job.

Just so happens, at the same time, I was expecting a baby.

That job was crazy, and I worked late evenings and LOTS of Saturdays. So, while I was off on maternity leave, I quickly learned that my new mommy duties wouldn’t allow me to return to work those hours (and I didn’t like some of them anyway…IJS).  So, I took the layoff for a while, then I quit straight out, and started this business of teaching fashion-minded curvy ladies how to sew,,.FOR REAL.


I am a long-time educator.  

For real, for real…

For a span of 22 years, I was a classroom teacher, mentor teacher, district trainer, and principal trainer.  I was born a teacher. I learned to sew from both of my grandmothers. I am single mom to a great boy, and I live in Houston, TX.

I hoard fabric and commercial patterns. Stuff everywhere!!! LOL!

But stick around, okay?

Start by checking out this blog post.  I think you’ll like it. And if you do, take the freebie and leave me a comment.

See you soon,