From Pic to Pattern to Project

Hello SewSisters,

Yep! We all do it…

We are scrolling along social media, laughing and liking pics with friends and family, and THEN… a pretty dress or sexy jumpsuit pops into our feed.  And before we know it, we have screen shot that pic and saved it in our phones.  Right?

This pic has now joined a collection of “inspo pics” that we want to attempt to make one day. (“inspo” is short for “inspiration”)

But where do you start?

Most start by posting the pic in their favorite sewing group(s), asking a question kinda like this,

“Hey SewSisters! I want to make this. Is there a pattern?”

Yes, you will get some comments and replies that offer some suggestions, but…

I want to show you the Number 1 reason why you should do this yourself.

AND why you’ll be more successful at actually producing the project when you do. So…

Join me on Saturday, November 18 at 10am CST for the

P2P2P Masterclass

You will get:

  • My 10-step process of going from Pic to Pattern to Project
  • Worksheets with tips and plenty of space for notes
  • 30 minutes after my presentation to ask all of the questions you want

Also, I will be making A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the Masterclass about what’s coming up for 2018.  Attendees will be the first to know. Don’t miss it!

***Jump in before Friday, November 17, 5pm

I am coming to the masterclass!