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Learn the few select sewing skills that my students have that transformed the way and the speed at which they are all learning to sew. Solid and fast.

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Real Talk: Getting your sewing basics down when you are learning to sew is very intimidating.

…and finding an actual sewing teacher in your area is virtually impossible.

Not to mention surfing YouTube will drive you crazy and have you watching all kinds of sewing videos.

The absolute truth is that you don’t need to learn ALL THE THINGS in the beginning, you just need to learn the RIGHT things to get it right.


Yes, we all know that practicing really helps us to learn more. Yet, the truth about sewing practice is that it can frustrate you into giving up if you don’t have your foundation: the basics.

And when you want the basic skills, you want them all together and quickly. That’s what I’ve done for you. I have carefully selected the skills that mean the most and put them together in a streamlined, short course.


After years of teaching sewing online, I have narrowed down what works

…and what doesn’t.

So, I created this super-focused course — a course that works.

A course that doesn’t cost a car payment.

 A course that doesn’t take months to get through…just a weekend.


Ready to Start? Click below.

I want the course!

The $97 is an investment that will pay off in the ways you learn other sewing skills faster! You will be able to connect your basic skills to more challenging skills in no time.

And I promise…after you invest in this course, you won’t need to purchase another one for a long while.

Your skills will be THAT solid!


You buy this course, then it’s yours. You can open it and work through it at your own pace. The instructional videos are recorded so that you can start and stop anywhere.

Once you buy, you are given access to a private site that is protected by your special password.

You can take your time, but I highly encourage you to get it done in one weekend or week. You want to move on to using these skills with those of us who have been sewing a while. Let’s get it!


There is a bonus lesson sewing machine video, a course preparation video, a checklist, and a template. But the core of the course focuses on 4 main skills:

  1. Seam Work. You’ll learn to make great seams with fitting tips.
  2. Dart Work. You’ll learn to make darts correctly with fitting tips.
  3. Zipper Work. You’ll learn to insert a standard regular zipper with fabric use tips.
  4. Hem Work. You’ll learn two very popular hems with fabric and project tips. 

All of these skills you will use for years to come.


  • What if I don’t have a sewing machine? It’s okay, but get one. I’ll show you how to take it out of the box and get it going. In fact, the first video is all about just that.
  • What if I am not tech savvy? It’s okay. The private site is easy to log into and the videos start with one click.
  • What if I’m a quilter? It’s okay. I understand that quilting is a different kind of sewing, so I use language that helps you translate to garment sewing.
  • What if I learn slowly? It’s okay, I use repetitive language and close up video over my hands so that you get it.
  • What if I’m super busy every weekend? It’s okay, the purchased course is yours to keep forever. You will have access to it whenever your calendar frees up a bit (but go ahead and tell others that you want want your “me” time to learn these skills. They can eat pizza. LOL!)


  • Beginners
  • Quilters
  • Anyone returning to sewing after years of being away (where have you been?)
  • Designers
  • Moms with daughters who want to learn to sew

I want the course!

Leslie Bentley