Beginner Sewing Course BSC

 You’ve been searching for this…

An easy-to-follow Beginner Online Sewing Course that focuses on your curves right from the start!

Learn solid basic sewing skills 


learn to make something that FITS at the same. 

You can stop surfing through the millions of videos on YouTube, feeling uneasy and not knowing where to start.  You can stop paying for one small class here and there at fabric stores and online.

One-Time Investment:  $347

learn to sew

Your Needs:

  • a great sewing teacher that focuses on Beginners…for real
  • slow-paced, step-by-step lessons with actual demos, charts, videos, printables, and more
  • someone to just tell you which affordable sewing machine to buy and how to thread it
  • advice on how to get ready for the course and ease your fears
  • lots of meaningful practice!

This is an online beginner sewing course.

Learn from the convenience and comfort of your own table.

Your Details: How will it go?

This course is semi self-paced and should take you about a month to complete. The course is broken down into two parts:  The Prep and The Lessons.

The Prep

Prep Day One – Let’s go Shopping! You will receive a supply list, a sewing machine recommendation, and a video showing you HOW and which pencil skirt pattern to buy, fabric and notions.  I’ll even tell you the easiest way to get these items.

Prep Day Two – Threading the Machine and Running a Bobbin. We will take the machine out of the box and get it all set up. No Fears, don’t worry, I got chu…

Prep Day Three – Practice Prep!  You will receive a series of videos on how to easily prepare your simple practice pieces for the course. You will simply be cutting a series of strips and rectangles.

The Lessons

Lessons One through Eight– We will learn straight seams, darts, regular standard zippers, hems, reading pattern terms, layout techniques, flat pinning, pattern markings, fitting your body, and reading pattern illustrations. You will have close up demonstrations that make it easy, and we will do homework (with help, of course).


2018 is YOUR year to finally learn to sew…FOR


One-Time Investment:  $347

learn to sew



Your Teacher

If you are new to me, you can find out more about who I am and how I got started over on my ABOUT PAGE.  To get a feel for my teaching style, request to join my private FB group, The Sewical Place Sewing Room.  I approve lots of BEGINNERS there!

One-Time Investment:  $347

learn to sew


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