Pants for Beginners

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They.  Don’t.  Even.  Fit.


(or another choice word!!!)

Your panties are showing, because the pants are too low in the back,

Your ankles are showing, because the pants are too short.

You can’t sit down, because the pants are too snug and squeezing your hips.

You can’t breathe, because the pants are too tight at the waist.

So, then…

You try to find tips on how to fix your pant-making issues. 

  • Attempting to search through millions of YouTube videos isn’t working. (No time for that!)
  • Taking a pants class that doesn’t speak your Beginner language didn’t help. (Too complex!)
  • Posting your issue in a sewing group leaves you even more confused. (Overwhelmed!)

So, you may feel doomed to only make dresses and completely give up on making pants.

That’s why I created this mini-course just for YOU!

“Pants Werk”

Pants for Beginners 

We are going to tackle these 4 issues:





I am going to teach you how to make simple Beginner pattern adjustments to get the pants that you make FIT.

We will use basic tools that you probably already have in your sewing kit.

And as always, I’ll get you ready for a real hands-on learning experience.  Y’all know how I roll…

A little more about Pants Werk…

The Details: 4 Lessons

July 24 – August 4 @ 6pmCST – Course Registration

August 5 – FB live Kick Off/Pre-Course work (Don’t worry, it will be super easy.)

August 7 – Lesson One & Two

August 14 – Lesson Three & Four

August 5, 12, 19, 26 – Live Q&A in the private FB Group at 10:00am CST

*****Course Ends August 31*****

All lessons need to be completed by then.


So, don’t be left out! Let’s GET IT!

…so that you can walk confidently in a pair of pants that you’ve made!

Make your friends, family, and people at your social events take notice and say, “Werk it!”

See you in the mini-course!