The Back Of The Sewing Pattern: How To Use It Successfully (3 free videos)

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Below are your 3 videos that are a great start to what will help you understand and use the info on the back of the sewing pattern.

Without confusion. Without giving up. Without cussing. LOL!

These videos are aimed at your success. Nothing like you’ve seen before! I promise.

To help, I’ve prepared a few worksheets for you to print: One Checklist and 3 Notes Pages.

The Checklist has the topics from our Pattern Camp sessions and little boxes for you to check off what you’ve already watched. The Notes Pages are for you to take notes on while you watch. You will want to save this info!

Special Note: The videos are saved live broadcasts that I did for my group during Pattern Camp this summer. They are in full and unedited, about 15-20 mins in length each. I didn’t take anything out. I left it all there for you!! So, you will hear me briefly saying hello to the group members.

So, Let’s get started!

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Video One

I share what a pattern is and the two types you will come across: Commercial or Indie Patterns. The bonus in this video is that I also share the difference between “regular tissue patterns” and “PDF patterns”.

sewing patterns

Video Two

In this video I share ways to buy patterns, how to find them, and how to save the most money while you are doing it. If you are loving the info, share these videos with a friend. They will love you for it.

sewing patterns beginner sewing

Video Three

Girrrllll! Listen! This video right here will change your sewing life! TRUST. I break it all the way down on how to find your size without confusion. Without Confusion!! There’s nothing worse than getting a cute, jazzy pattern home and realizing that you have the wrong size and cannot use it.

beginner sewing sewing patterns

Did you like the videos?

Did you know that there are actually 10 videos in this set? Yes, we did 10 days of Pattern Camp.

The other 7 videos go into deeper detail of what is on the back of the pattern and how to use that info. We also open the pattern on a few videos, because there’s super helpful info inside. You need to know where those tidbits are before you start your next sewing project.

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Offer ends July 31, 2018 at 10pmCST.

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Thank you for watching. I’ll see you inside of the camp videos or on FB.

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