The Butt Ease Life

Hi, it’s Leslie!  I’m here to help you get your entire Butt Ease Life together.

My Curvy Sisters,

Are you tired of making skirts that are higher in the back?  Exposing your thighs?  Showing your Spanx?  Feeling uncomfortable?  Afraid to turn around?  Pulling and tugging the back hem?

You can stop wasting money on beautiful fabrics and get that hem in the right place in the back.

You know that you cut the pattern or followed the tutorial word for word, but the back is till too high.

What happened?  What causes that?

Well, I know…Plus, I can teach you how to fix it on the most popular skirts that you make.

There are 4 videos with worksheets in the BUNDLE.

(I really should call them “instructional” videos, since I know they are more…but…)

The Butt Ease Bundle $97.

Yours to keep FOREVER.

All tutorials will be delivered to the email you provide upon purchase. 


The bundle includes:









If you have any questions, shoot them my way at

Sew On,