The Guided Sew Along Club (Join)

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This is the kind of pattern help you need.

You have been struggling at sewing with commercial patterns. Sometimes you feel like you can’t even get started. If you do, then let me hold your hand along every tiny step of the way to success on monthly projects. No confusion. And!! Did I say that we are working on a Beginner Level?? Yes, I’m keeping it all easy.

This monthly interaction eliminates all of that scary, nervous guessing. We will be:

  • using your measurements to narrow down your size when buying patterns
  • determining the appropriate fabric to use for each pattern
  • deciding on how much fabric to buy
  • making pattern adjustments left and right
  • using “Finished Garment Measurements” correctly
  • discussing fit issues over and over with solutions
  • laying out pattern pieces and cutting them out, after we discuss which layout pic to use

THEN!!! We are not done yet. After all of that, then we sit down at the sewing machines and:

  • read each step together. I will define and explain those crazy sewing terms.
  • study the pic for each step. I will train your eye how to gather tons of information from it.
  • follow up-close demo video. I provide step-by-step video directly over my hands. Hey, I even tell you when to press (iron a seam down flat).

You sew along with me.

Not on your own.

learn to sew

From buying the monthly pattern to hemming the garment, you will have the help you want and need. No more guessing, no more cussing, no more unfinished projects.

You will have the support you need to get a better fit on what you sew.

Heard enough? Join today!

Your monthly investment is only $47.

Membership is not open at this time. 

It’s like taking a sewing class with awesome tutorials each month. Imagine how much you will grow with your sewing skills.

How will it all work?

You will have access to the videos on my private site that I’ve set up just for you and the other club members. Throughout the month, I will upload a new video with your next steps each week. Then, when you are ready, simply click the next video and follow along.

*Although, I do recommend you find time each week to watch and work. That way, you learn as much as you can.

If know that this is for you, then subscribe below TODAY.  We start July 3, 2018. The first “Get Ready” video will be placed on the private club site for you.

You won’t find all of this instruction at this price anywhere else!

Monthly Investment:  $47 

Membership is not open at this time. 

I hope that you can join us. I have been listening to Sewing Newbies who are struggling horribly with patterns, and I have spent hours developing how this type of learning platform should serve them. I have found the answer, and if you’ve found me, then you probably need this club.

***I’ve also been teaching Guided Sew Alongs for over two years now, but I only started with the sewing directions. Now, I am offering help with all of the steps and decisions you need to make WAY BEFORE you cut your fabric. Moreover, I am only offing those steps to my club member peeps.

lear to use patterns

If you have any questions about the Guided Sew Along Club (GSA Club), simply shoot me an email or send a message on FB. I hang out there a lot with my other students and followers.

Let’s Sew Together!!